Overwhelmed at All the Packing You Have to Do?

What Qualifies a Professional Moving & Storage Service?

Any reputable

moving & storage service

should take an inventory of all your belongings in order to calculate the bulk and weight for your move. The estimator will be thorough and check all storage places, drawers, bookcases, garages etc. A major component of a mover’s price will be based on the weight and

the space your

goods will take in their truck.

An estimator that does a cursory walk-through without really taking note of what you are planning to move will be way off the price mark. Any reputable estimator should also ask questions on what you are planning on taking to your new home and what you are leaving behind. So make sure you tell them which of your belongings you do not want putting on their truck.

Any reputable movers

will never demand cash or a big deposit before a move takes place. You should only have to pay upon delivery. Should you pay in advance, you will have no control over if or when you will ever see your items again. Also, when you actually do come to pay, make sure you use a credit card as this helps prevent any fraudulent activity.

Some companies stay under the radar by doing business using various different names. Make sure you check to see if the company has a physical address and if they are in possession of current licensing and insurance. Also, when they answer the phone they should clearly state the name of the company.

Should you want to save money, try packing your own belongings, however, should you decide to avail yourself of this service, you could pay over inflated prices for the likes of boxes and packing materials, in addition to time and labor. If you do decide to get the movers to pack your belongings, make sure you ask about their packers’ experience.

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